Sunday June 16, 2013

A FATHER's Day Blessing to GOD my FATHER
by Dr. Anthony Harper, IMCNews publisher

GOD, You have been the best FATHER to me I could ever want! I want to thank You for sending JESUS [YESHUA] to save me from my sins and giving me Your HOLY SPIRIT as a Wonderful COMFORTER. You went through so much pain seeing JESUS suffer for me. I owe You my life and am eternally grateful.

I remember all the times You were there to comfort me in the midst of emotional and physical pain.

You are my Best Friend to - You have been patient with me listening to my hopes and dreams and even my complaints. You have been faithful to me even though I have not been faithful to You.

How I love You and want to imitate You. Please help me to love others as You have loved me.

You are my HERO and I honor You.

How I long to see You and feel Your warm embrace of holding me in Your loving arms safe forever. I praise Your Holy name (FATHER, YESHUA and HOLY SPIRIT).

Your son Anthony.

Click here for a video about Fathers.

Happy Father's Day blessings to all the Christian Fathers out there - may GOD comfort you and help you to enjoy fellowship with your children.

Let's be in prayer for our children for GOD's protection over them and that they will know CHRIST JESUS [YESHUA] as their personal SAVIOR.

Below is a very special poem which explains my purpose in life. I hope you enjoy it.

"When I Come Home To Heaven"
By Beth Stuckwisch
1984 Dicksons"

When I come home to Heaven
How joyful it will be!
For on that day at last
My risen Lord I'll see.
No greater happiness than
To see Him face to face.
To see the love in His eyes
And feel His warm embrace.
I've done nothing to deserve
That perfect home above.
It was given freely through
The grace of Jesus' love.
Then why should earthly cares
Weigh down upon me so?
They'll be a distant memory
When home at last I go.

Rev. Anthony Harper, Ph.D., publisher/IMCNews